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C. H. Spurgeon

One of the many bibles I read from regular, read, not my study bible is “The Evidence Bible”, this bible was put together from the KJV by Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron.  One thing I truly enjoy about this bible is that it quotes so many persons of great importance of history.

C. H. Supurgeon being on of those, I truly enjoy reading Spurgeon, as his quotes are always blunt, to the point, and seem to always have a direct connection to daily life, even today.  Below is one of the better sites as pertaining to Charles Spurgeon.

I hope you enjoy his reading as much as I have!   http://www.spurgeon.org/mainpage.htm

Please help me to spread the word of this blog I have put together, entitled “Come 2 Jesus”!  As long as the topic is to do with life, and Christianity feel free to join me and write a way!

In Christ,

A. T. Smith

~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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