Home » Salvation » Pray for the PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS today!


This is a clip showing the plight of persecuted Christians in third world countries, what I want you to get from watching this video is that the next place this is going to happen is…AMERICA!

So many American’s get up and go to church on Sunday morning…for the wrong reasons. Taking for granted their right of religion, narrow mindedly they think that this only happens in third world countries, WAKE UP FOLKS! The plans are already in motion to change our Constitutional Rights to Religion, right here, right now!

What can you do, number one; get on your knees before your maker, thanking HIM for the rights you currently have. two; lift up our brothers & sisters around the world whom are persecuted daily for praying in Jesus name. We can not fix Washington, only God can do that, your vote will do nothing, GREED controls Washington. I don’t care who you vote for, they can do nothing, nothing without the full armor of God!

We must pray for God to protect these children of HIS who are being beaten, and killed for spreading the TRUE WORD of God, and the way to salvation through HIS son, Jesus Christ.


~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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