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Preview Provident Films new movie; “October Baby”


October Baby: A Powerful Ministry Tool Three pregnancy resource centers have received an incredible gift from an anonymous donor who purchased Thursday evening showings of OCTOBER BABY in their towns. Each of the three centers, including ones in Denver and Houston, received 250 tickets that they are now reselling as a fundraiser. That means even before it officially opens on March 23, OCTOBER BABY will be helping save lives!

Your group can also host a special Thursday evening showing on March 22 by purchasing 250 tickets. Take your church, invite your customers, or even offer a special gift to a local pregnancy center just like our anonymous friend!

» Learn More at OctoberBabyMovie.net

Get Your October Baby Tickets Today Choice. It seems to be the most important word for some people when it comes to the sanctity of life issue. But if life is your choice of words, you can make your voice heard when OCTOBER BABY opens in theaters on March 23 by seeing the movie on Opening Weekend (March 23-25). Listen to what co-director Jon Erwin says:

“The opening weekend of a movie is so very important. This is our chance, one movie ticket at a time, to say we want to stand for life together. Go see the movie, take a group to see the movie, get your church involved to see the movie. I believe, we can save lives—one movie ticket at a time.”

» Get Opening Weekend Tickets Now

People are Talking About October Baby “OCTOBER BABY is a heart-warming story of redemption that brings to the big screen how a seemingly small decision can powerfully affect many lives and relationships. See it—you’ll be inspired!” Peggy Hartshorn, President, Heartbeat International

“OCTOBER BABY is a powerful story proving what we all know—that every life is indeed beautiful. The Erwins have successfully shown what compassion looks like from every point of view. Bravo!” Melinda Delahoyde, President, Care Net

Care Net: An October Baby Partner As an umbrella organization, Care Net seeks to promote, prepare, and plant pregnancy centers across North America. With a network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers, Care Net offers hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support. Free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance are part of the many services offered to empower women to choose life.

If this movie is as all previous Christian films from Provident Films; Fireproof, Courageous, etc., you wont be able to set in your seat, and will be on fire to get out and share it with others!

~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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