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Scripture Prayer and Motivation.

When we think “motivation”, • We think business…increase profits • We think school…raise those test scores • We think personal growth…make those major changes! Seems like motivation just got invented in this last century, doesn’t it? Well, it didn’t! Motivation has been around for thousands of years. And it looks like God invented it. Yes, it’s a God-thing!

God, the Motivator In Exodus 12, God is giving Moses instruction for the Passover ritual, the ritual that the Israelites are to observe before the tenth and final plague hits in Egypt . God gives specific detail, about what they are to do. And then God tells then exactly what they are to do each year as a reminder of what he had done to deliver them from the slavery of Egypt . Repeat the ritual! Don’t forget! Remind yourselves of how special you are to Me.” (paraphrased)

That’s motivation! And it’s set to impact all the senses, not just sight and hearing: There’s a lamb to hold and love Food to smell and taste Prayers to pray Songs to sing Hearts to warm as the family gathers And the incredible story of deliverance to ponder and cherish

This scene carries many of the elements that …..Accelerated Learning researchers consider essential for a great learning situation …..Neuroscientists would consider optimum for changing behavior …..Total Physical Response educators set up for the learning of a new language.

The new language is the language of motivation: Encourage yourselves and don’t forget…you’re special!

Joshua Prospers In Joshua 1:8 the Lord tells Joshua to study the Word, not to let the Word depart from his sight. Then Joshua will make his way prosperous. Does that sound like a motivational plan to you?

The plan worked. Joshua led Israel in the taking of the Land of Promise : Canaan . Not a small accomplishment! Everyone remembers one of those exploits: the battle of Jericho . God’s motivational plan for Joshua not only worked, but some of Joshua’s feats have become legendary.

God’s motivational plan is still in place. Praying scripture-based prayers is one of the ways we can keep the Word in our sights. Having these prayers in audio form make the plan even easier to adhere to.

David: a Master of Motivation Scripture is full of motivational stories being acted out. In 1Samuel 30:6 David is at one of the lowest points in his life: …..his home and town were burned to the ground …..all of the women and children are kidnapped …..All of David’s worldly possession are stolen …..his men are preparing to kill him in their anger and grief!

David’s reaction to this dilemma? He encourages himself in the Lord. He puts on the ephod of the priest and prays. The word “encourage” is chazaq in Hebrew, #2388 in Strong’s. It means: To seize To be strong, courageous To bind, restrain, conquer To become mighty, to prevail, to withstand To behave oneself valiantly …..quite a loaded word!

David is obviously a master of God’s motivational program. He moves from that time of prayer to a time of stepping up in leadership. David persuades the men who plan to kill him, to follow him instead. Together they overtake the enemy and regain all, goods and family members alike.

David apparently knew how to motivate others as well as motivate himself. His words to his men are not recorded. But they must have been some power-packed words to turn that murderously angry crowd into a submitted war-machine. (For more on David accessing the strength of God)

Tap into the Power We have access to power-packed words today in Scripture. God has not changed. He still wants us: To recognize and commemorate the wonderful things He has done for us To be assured that we are special To encourage our hearts with His motivational stories from Scripture To have our minds renewed according to His Word so that we can live an abundantly fruitful life.

There is no more powerful way to begin and end the day than with: Prayers of thanksgiving and praise for who God is and what He has done. Prayer affirmations reminding ourselves that we are the apple of God’s eye with a special destiny.

“Have a blessed day, I am.”
A. T. S .


~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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