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God, the Motivator.

In Exodus 12, God is giving Moses instruction for the Passover ritual, the ritual that the Israelites are to observe before the tenth and final plague hits in Egypt . God gives specific detail, about what they are to do. And then God tells then exactly what they are to do each year as a reminder of what he had done to deliver them from the slavery of Egypt . Repeat the ritual! Don’t forget! Remind yourselves of how special you are to Me.”

That’s motivation!
And it’s set to impact all the senses, not just sight and hearing: There’s a lamb to hold and love Food to smell and taste Prayers to pray Songs to sing Hearts to warm as the family gathers And the incredible story of deliverance to ponder and cherish

This scene carries many of the elements that …..Accelerated Learning researchers consider essential for a great learning situation …..Neuroscientists would consider optimum for changing behavior …..Total Physical Response educators set up for the learning of a new language.

The new language is the language of motivation: Encourage yourselves and don’t forget…you’re special!

“Have a blessed day, I am.”
A. T. S .


~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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