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Book Review: Son of Hamas

I greatly appreciate my brother sharing an abstract of this book with us, if he had not I probably would have never heard of it?
I pray for ministry to that wonderful people group Abba has called you to lead!
In Christ,

~Luke 9:23~ KJV

Called. Convicted. Converted.

son-of-hamas_3The Palestinian, Mosab Hassan Yousef describes himself as “a son of that region and of that conflict … a child of Islam and the son of an accused terrorist … a follower of Jesus.” A native of West Bank region of Israel, memories of the massive graveyard in his town and his father’s devotion to Islam tug at his thoughts. Politics and violence entered the fray. To fight Israeli occupation and to establish some kind of order in their chaotic Palestinian society, in 1986, when Yousef was eight years old, his father and six others formed the radical Islamic group Hamas.

As a youth, Yousef threw rocks to establish himself as the son of a Hamas leader, yet he later kept himself from the battle, witnessing firsthand the struggles of his family. He saw the ascent and arming of Hamas, and the subsequent clashes and battles that ensued. His writing…

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~Acts 1:8, Luke 9:23~

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